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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tired...just tired

So, I guess by the title, you have by now surmised that I am tired. What am I tired of, you may ask. Well, here's a list. Maybe you'll find that you are tired of some of these things, too.

1. The price of gas. Tired, may not even be a strong enough word. Disgusted, maybe. I mean, if gas prices get any higher, I won't even be able to drive across the street!

2. Rude people. I don't like them. I don't like them at all. Seriously, would it kill you to hold a door open, or smile when you walk by me? Would it be too much for you to be cordial?

3. TV singing competitions. Come on, we all know these shows are not about singing, not are they about finding talent. Whoever can corner the market on tween votes is the winner.

4. Inconsiderate, selfish people. Oh, you know them. Everything is about them. Everything revolves around them and I can't stand them!

5. Reality TV. If I never see another advertisement for Atlanta's Real Mob Basketball Wives, it will be too soon. It's nothing more than an exploitative study in stupidity and I am tired of it!!

That's all for now!

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