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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Artist of the Week: ROXINY

Artist of the Week: ROXINY


2NDSTREET: Tell us about you. Where are you from? Where are you now?
ROXINY: My name is Roxiny. I am a singer/songwriter/producer based out of NYC. I was born in the Dominican Republic and raised in Spain, Italy, & Panama primarily. I moved to NYC after being signed to Sony a few years ago. Right now I'm doing everything independently through my own label, Revoluna. It's been an incredible experience doing everything from the ground up as a solo artist with a collective of incredibly talented and creative people I love.

2NDSTREET: In one word, describe your music.
ROXINY: Fearless

2NDSTREET: What inspires you?
ROXINY: I'm inspired by my senses, the energy surrounding me, love, magic, nature, my experiences, intuition, symbols, signs, the visuals and messages that come from my dreams, feelings, my connection to the universe, mysticism, and spiritualism. When I write, I'm a lot more effective when I let the visuals rule my imagination. If I can see the song playing out in my head, I know I can find a way to describe what I am seeing. Writing music is my form of magic and invocation.

2NDSTREET: Who is your favorite musician living or passed on? Why?
ROXINY: I have many favorite I would have to say Karin Dreijer Andersson of Fever Ray. I love her lyrical approach and femininity.
Dead- Bob Marley for his positive impact on humanity. This was tough....I can think of an entire list of favorites.

2ND STREET: Name a song you wish you’d written.
ROXINY: "I'm Not Done" by Fever Ray

2ND STREET:  Complete this sentence: The best album I've ever heard, hands down is ________________.
ROXINY: - Violator

2ND STREET: Tell us about your current projects. 
ROXINY: I just released my first single, Belong, which was the first song I ever produced. "Belong" marked the beginning of a new creative cycle for me. I started really experimenting with palo beats native to my country, and really listening to the sounds that make me. I'm loving every single moment of it. We are releasing my first EP, Qoya in the spring. It's a collection of songs that followed Belong...all recorded during the 9 of Cups Sessions in my home studio with my co-producers, Shan Nicholson and Lawrence Gordon. Each one is very personal to me. "Belong" speaks to the idea of possession, wants & desires, how we evolve, and my own personal journey. My next single- "Cheree" is a love song and an ode to NYC. I love this city...I'm feeling my dreams into existence daily within it. "Cheree" tells the story of one of the best nights of my life, the song that made the night, and the love that followed.

2ND STREET: How can you be contacted?
ROXINY: FACEBOOK: /RoxinyUniverse



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