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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Artist of the Week - Red Sirens

Red Sirens

2ND STREET: Tell us about you.
RED SIRENS: My name is Araceli Rodriguez. My artist name is Red Sirens. I'm Mexican, was raised in the US since the age of 5. Where I now reside.

2ND STREET: In one word, describe your art. 

2ND STREET: What inspires you? 
RED SIRENS: I find inspiration in my surroundings, I also try to incorporate my culture into my work because I believe that art should have a soul. I do not like lazy art and so for me a piece of work can be a thing of intense beauty and work. One piece of work for me to finish and compose can be as simple as giving, breathing life into a canvas so it can be a slow process. When I have a commissioned piece to make I work hard in making it as worthy and as accurate as possible.

2ND STREET: Who is your favorite artist living or passed on?
RED SIRENS: Frida Kahlo is my favorite artist.

2ND STREET: Do you ever get “Artist’s block?” If so, how do you get over it?
RED SIRENS:Yes I often loose inspiration. sometimes it can last for years. I had artist block one time for as long as two years, but art runs in my veins and I always look to shelter myself back under it's warmth.

I don't know what happens, it's like waking up one morning and yearning for the right cup of coffee.I can't quite tell you how it is I get over it, it just happens.

2ND STREET: How long does it take for you to complete a piece?
RED SIRENS: That depends on the piece, If it s a commissioned one, I place myself on a strict calender regime. If it's a piece that is mine. -well, let tell you.... I still have a piece in my studio that I have been working on for about 10 years. I work on it a little. and I leave it and then two years later I find something I want to add to it. It is my one piece that I have yet to complete.

2ND STREET: Tell us about your current projects.
RED SIRENS: I currently in the process of networking and promoting. I often get a commissions piece, here and there but I have also been busy working and stretching out into other mediums. I design costume Jewelry.

2ND STREET: How can you be contacted? 
My portfolio

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