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Monday, April 14, 2014

Waxing Poetic - Happy National Poetry Month!!

Since it's National Poetry Month, I thought I'd share some poems penned by me and some of my friends. Enjoy!!

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Time Trapped in a Bottle
By Selena Haskins © 2009

I wish I could trap time inside of a bottle 
so I could keep you near 
you would be my present, 
my past, and a future I wouldn't fear 

If I could trap time in a bottle 
it would be filled with every yesterday 
and the sun would shine upon your smile 
taking all your pain away 

But as time keeps on moving I cannot trap it in 
not inside bottle nor inking my feeling with pen 
so all i have is now 
and that's good enough for me 
because I will keep on loving you 
as time just let's us be.

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By Adrienne Thompson © 2013

You were the closest thing to heaven
But it's been hell without you near

 I believed your words,
Your promises to be true

I believed in us
I believed in me and you

 I thought you were the one
My God-sent mate

But as usual, I misjudged
Realized the truth too late

 My heart aches for you
My smiling eyes so full of tears

Agony and despair
Got me holding back the years

For you I long
It is you I desire

Your words rang so true
Set my heart afire

In you I placed my trust
Would've followed you anywhere

And today I pay the cost—
Of my error, I'm more than aware

 A gaping hole in my heart
The only sign you were ever here

You were the closest thing to heaven...
But it's hell without you near

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Young Mother
By Nicole Dunlap © 2013

They seize us at our most vulnerable
Long hair, short hair, light brown, white,
Black skin, yellow skin and a plethora of shades in between,
We make changes in order to change them,
We excuse their errors in judgment and on occasion their wandering eyes or that Which wanders next
to steel thighs,
We grow within the womb, carrying their child…
On occasion, we’re not alone as others are carrying their child,
Giving them all we have in order to mold them, change them, sculpt them into the Fathers we may or
may not have had…
All to find out,
They love the lives they lead,
We, in our quest to keep love, have developed and learn loves lessons,
Some of us almost in the nick of time…
Our eyes have opened and we, as women, finally will take no more.

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Someone To Love

My girls and I wanted to go out for a girls’ night out.
We decided to check out the club scene and see what it’s all about.
While chilling, I noticed one guy and we hit it off well.
To see that we’re digging each other is not hard to tell.

After a few days of chatting via telephone, we decide to hook up tonight.
It sure feels good to have someone to love, because my flesh is ready to unite.
He enters my crib, and we’re feeling on each other.
We’re so fixed on each other that I don’t want to be with another

He tells me that he loves me, and he cares for no one else but me.
I fall so deep into his words, and it feels like I’m living in a fantasy.
Our clothes come off, and we’re going all the way.
There’s no stopping us now; he’s mine until the break of day.

Here it is, the next morning, he says, “we can only be friends.
I’m sorry if I’ve hurt you, but this relationship has to end.”
I say, “Was I just a one night stand?” He says, “Yes, but think about this:
You just wanted someone to love you, and I wouldn’t doubt this.”
I say, “That’s beside the point; you don’t treat a woman this way,
On some level, I was using you, but you’re still going to have hell to pay!”
As he leaves, I start crying and wishing he would die.
I feel so used, and he didn’t even tell me good-bye.

God, why did You allow this to happen to me?
If You loved me, You would’ve shielded me from this tragedy.
I want You to explain to me Your rationale for this.
I’m so angry with You, and saying I hate You is hard to resist.

God silently said to me, "Dear Child, free will is a great gift,
But just like the farmer you must learn to sift;
As not every grain of wheat is fit for your plate,
This lesson if learned will clarify your fate.
Let not this hurt blind you, consume you, nor misguide you.
Instead, embrace the love of my Son, and let it make you new.
The devil comes to kill and destroy,
And often comes disguised as a decoy,
Such as a new man whispering sweet nothings in your ear,
Who will tell you lies that only feed into your worst fear!
The emptiness you feel deep within
Can never be satisfied living in sin.
Find refuge in my Word, and put on the armor
That's meant to heal you and make you stronger.
Come know Me, and you will experience great love,
Comparable to none; it comes from heaven above.
I have never left you; I have been here all along,
Waiting patiently for you to hear my joyful song!
I will bring you peace; I will heal your wound.
Trust in Me to love and make your heart anew."

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